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Sure Grip Retrofit Click for more info
Sure Grip was designed to minimize operator fatigue and improve tool holding power by eliminating the hard to use handle. The handle is replaced by a pneumatic cylinder that will do all of the work with the push of a foot pedal! By reducing the repetitive motion, Sure grip will reduce the risk of operator injuries. It has proven itself to be reliable and long lasting due to its double seal design preventing slurry from getting inside the cylinder.

Nestor Type Handle Retrofit
Nestor Type Handle Retrofit is held on by two screws securing it on top of the original "6DP lap table" (No holes to drill or tap), It consists of a central screw that acts as a vise, firmly securing the tool without any possibility of play. The Indexable handle permits to set it at any desired position when clamped and only requires half a turn to open or close.

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