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Klearedge Polishing Discs
We offer a selection of Polishing Discs that will work for what you need. The felt Polishing Discs we offer are made up of different densities and firmness. The Klearedge Felt Discs are constructed of a firm and durable felt rather than compressed and sewn fabric that will deflect as you apply pressure. They are also designed for you to use the large flat surface on the side to give you more room to work with. We also have a fining disc made of an extremely fine micro grit for any fining you may need to do by hand.

Klearedge Felt Disc
• Conctructed with a firm and durable Felt
• Will not deflect when pressure is applied due to density of felt
• 2-sided for maximum usage

Klearedge Hard Felt Disc
• High Density Felt Disc
• Durable
• 2-sided for maximum usage

Klearedge Grooved Disc
• High Density
• Durable
• Has a Groove for easier lens edge polishing
• 1-sided

Klearedge Fining Disc
• Micro Grit Fining Disc
• 1 Adhesive side
• Easy to replace

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