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Heavy Duty Hand Edger
A Heavy Duty Hand Edger equipped with a 1/4 HP motor for high production lab use. Enclosed in a durable housing with a wide front rest to reduce operator fatigue. Provides an adjustable coolant flow with an easy shut-off. Comes equipped with a 600-grit V-Bevel Wheel (other wheels and grits are available).
Hand Edger
CH-3000-BW (beveled wheel)
CH-3000-FW (flat wheel)
An ergonomically designed Hand Edger for use with all lens materials. The CH-3000 is enclosed in a corrosion-proof housing with integrated drainage in its bottom. Contamination problems are eliminated with continuous flow water. Includes a lightweight dual 300/600 grit, 4" re-truable wheel)
Mini Hand Edger
The CH-4000 is a space saving ergonomic design, developed for low maintenance and mess free operation. There are no belts and mess free. This unit is designed for pin beveling only with angled bevel wheel for precise beveling.

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