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Klearedge Polisher
The Klearedge is an inexpensive way to produce lustrous lens edges. It is easy to use, production proven and manufactured by NSI since 1982. Its ergonomic design allows for steady work piece holding and reduced operator fatigue. Machine comes with (1) K9001 Felt Pad, (1) K9002 Polishing Bar and (1) K9102 Polishing Bar.

Klearedge Polishing Bars
The Klearedge Polishing Bars produce a lustrous finish around the edge of a lens. The compositions of our bars vary in greasiness and micro grit and are suited for a large range of materials. The Klearedge Polishing Bars are designed for use with the Klearedge Polisher, but can be used on any polishing machine.

Klearedge Polishing Discs
A selection of polishing discs for all types of polishing on the Klearedge.

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