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Nestor Systems International was founded in 1971 by Néstor E. & Elisabeth J. Barolin to do research, design and build special equipment for the Precision Optics Industry, including the medical and space technology fields. They quickly expanded their business to manufacturing and supplying replacement parts for various machines in the ophthalmic industry. Involvements in this industry lead to redesigns in parts that improved many components for these machines. Nestor Systems International proudly serviced customers in all fifty States and across the world including: Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

In December 2011, after many successful years in business, Mr. Barolin retired. The company was purchased by Michael Jenkins, president of a precision machining company. Both presidents and companies shared a common goal – to provide quality products and superior customer service. With the help of Mr. Barolin, the day to day operations of the business were smoothly transitioned to our new location in Bethlehem, PA. The partnership with a mature precision machining company, over 65 years in business, will provide Nestor Systems with the ability to increase the levels of production & custom manufacturing. Both companies identified a synergy between themselves by having the same standards for quality products, superior customer service and honesty/integrity in all that we do.

At Nestor Systems International, Inc., we seek to provide quality optical solutions and exceptional service into the future!

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